Software Engineering Intern IBM May – August 2015

With my OpenStack Innovation squad, I developed a monitoring and alerting system for the servers running the Bluemix Container Cloud. This system not only can detect current problems but also future problems, alerting the right people before the problem actually occurs. This changed reactive maintenance to proactive maintenance.

This project was picked up for use in multiple teams shortly before I returned to school. The monitoring and alerting system became a hot topic in IBM Cloud because of its ease of use, simple deployment, and proactive alerting.

Within three weeks I had the monitoring and alerting stack designed, deployed, and up in our development environment. My intern partner and I made significant strides toward predictive alerts during and after it had been deployed. We also took steps in order to get it in staging (and soon after, production) just before school began for me again. This project was built using custom, as well as public, Docker containers and deployed via docker-compose.

In addition to the above, my team and I moved on to Auto Scaling for virtual machines in OpenStack. I built a small OpenStack Heat template parser and modifier utility in Python. I then helped integrate this into the auto scaling API web server.

I worked closely with my team members. I also was able to give them advice regarding tools like Docker and how to use containers in deployment, some help with Apache server configuration, and my experience with building RESTful APIs.