Obj-C 2 years of experience

Starting in 2012 I began to see the great value in producing iOS apps. Apple’s App Store was something to be admired. It was capable of delivering someone’s app to millions of people and manage purchases for you. Believing in the chance I began searching for a Mac to purchase and teaching myself the basics of iOS programming.

At the time, the only language iOS apps were programmed in was Objective-C. (Swift had not yet arrived.) Because of this, I realized I was already way over my head in complexity. At this point I had not even delved into C or C++ programming, so I was completely lost for a very long time. Eventually I put it down in favor of Java since I had begun to study that in school.

I joined Smarter Homes in 2013 as their webmaster. After a few years I suggested and began development on a new inventory management and point-of-sale system they could run on their iPads. Realizing I had not improved very much since I had put the book down in 2012, I pushed forward, determined to learn the language and put out an iOS app. I pumped out several iterations on the app hoping, with my head in the clouds, that this app would help take me to the big time. Unfortunately, the complexity of the application overwhelmed me and my college studies were just beginning. Soon after this realization I, once again, laid the Obj-C book down again.

More recently, I have been studying up on Swift and I have been looking for an excuse to use this much-improved language. Perhaps some day I will have the chance!